MOTION - for Learner Drivers 

Welcome to your world of MOTION

MOTION is a high-impact visual product designed to attract your attention, stimulate independent learning by interaction which accelerates knowledge and reduces learning time

Covering all the content of modern driving skills, MOTION is the preferred resource for learner drivers preparing for their driving test

MOTION - The Learning to Drive Workbook 

MOTION is an interactive, VISUAL training workbook designed to help you through the process of learning to drive.  Available in A4 print or as an E-Book, you've got the UK's leading learners resource to accelerate your learning.
Used alongside your instructor’s coaching you’ll be able to:

  • State the learning objectives for each subject
  • Understand the Hi-Res Visuals in a unique format
  • Complete the relevant answers in your workbook for the topic
  • Answer prompting questions to promote reflective analysis

As three quarters of your knowledge is gained from visual stimuli you can understand why we've designed MOTION to include the full use of beautiful impactful VISUAL graphics.

MOTION follows a concise syllabus, from complete beginner standard to test-ready driver.  It allows you to track your progress, relate learned skills to the information contained within the HIGHWAY CODE and unlock your potential as a driver.

Packed with innovative techniques, stunning graphics and an amazing layout, MOTION is the NUMBER ONE workbook available for driving students learning in manual, automatic and electric cars.

The Uk's leading learning workbook

125+  pages of full-page illustrations, MOTION has high-impact visuals at its core & includes:

  • Lesson Objectives
  • Explanatory Notes
  • High Impact Graphics
  • Prompting Questions
  • Total Drive Integration

Want to get access to the BEST visual learner WORKBOOK in the UK?

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MOTION - See what's inside...

  • Beautifully crafted visual graphics
  • Interactive questions with sections to complete written answers
  • Comprehensive content designed for the UK driving test
  • Indexes the Highway Code & Rule numbers
  • Upgradeable with new releases and feature content
MOTION  promotes a structured approach to learning by means of specified learning outcomes, questions to prompt students, amazing graphics and integrates the syllabus contained within the Total Drive app.

Covering ALL the content of modern driving for your driving test, MOTION is THE preferred resource for learner drivers preparing for the big day.  

MOTION is the GO-TO LEARNING AID - order yours TODAY.