Welcome to i-MOTION

i-MOTION is the leading instructors wipeable lesson planner for tuition presenting.

Launching this July, is a high-impact visual product designed to help you deliver outstanding, client-centred driving lessons.  It will attract your student's attention, provides incredible content and stimulates independent learning. 

We call it i-MOTION 

 The Instructor Presenter System

i-MOTION has been designed to be used as a standalone lesson planner/presenter in the car with your students.

It can also be used as a system of two books that compliment each other.  One for you and a student version.  The series includes an instructors teaching book:

i-MOTION  and a workbook for your students, MOTION.

i-MOTION is the MUST HAVE lesson content book for all instructors and trainers. It has been developed to help instructors and trainers deliver outstanding lessons by:

  • Professional Appearance
  • Superb Lesson Planning Structure
  • Identifying Goals & Establishing Objectives
  • Superb, High-Definition Graphical Content
  • MOTION & Highway Code References

Unlocking Potential

With a structured approach to tuition, i-MOTION promotes  successful, student-led sessions by means of:

  • Structured Lesson Plans
  • Explain, Demonstrate & Practice Method
  • Extraordinary Visuals
  • Performance Analysis/Feedback Sections

Linking your instructor presenter and your student's workbook, helps create dynamic interactive lessons.

With prompting questions, Highway Code references and incredible graphics,  i-MOTION is the ultimate resource for driving instructors, trainers and PDIs.

Want a Digital Version?

Head on over the the Apple Store to get your copy of MOTION - The Basingstoke Appendix